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Maxcoin Core Contributors are welcome to work on an iOS and Android wallet, but we are also interested in working closely with 3rd Party Wallets where your wallets will be introduced to our growing Maxcoin community.

Special Note Regarding Wallet Sync Time:
  • It can take upto 7 days or longer for the Maxcoin QT wallet to sync due to 4 years + of blockchain transactions.
  • If you would like to install the full node with rapid syncing, we recommend that you use one of the following methods.
  • We encourage the community to sync, seed and share the following p2p solutions.

How to build Maxcoin with VirtualBox

This is a HOW TO build and run “The Maxcoin Core Wallet” with VirtualBox

  • Maxcoin’s enhacements are being done using VirtualBox for testing and developing the wallet.
  • Please follow this manual to keep up with maxcoin standards.
How To Build Maxcoin with VirtualBox
IPFS Sync: - Coming Soon.
  • IPFS Censorship Resistanct, Privacy & Anonymous.
BitTorrent Sync: - Coming Soon.
Download file, Close wallet, keep name  “bootstrap.dat” and move file to proper location. Restart wallet.
  • Windows %appdata%/Maxcoin
  • Linux ~/.maxcoin
  • Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Maxcoin/
  • Instructions in the readme.txt file

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