Maxcoin’s Culture is its Community, Join Us

The future battle ground for liberty and freedom is the Internet, and the future of money and sovereignty is Cryptocurrency.

A successful FOSS cryptocurrency must be driven by a free community and consensus reached via code and nodes, not regulation via kings/queens or presidents.

Maxcoin is an all volunteer self governed FOSS cryptocurrency with no central funding system.
No CEO, No head office, No marketing budget, employees, bosses or central leader/figure.

Maxcoin is your coin, it’s in your hands, the early adopters, miners, developers and enthusiasts. Together, the community can build and promote maxcoin for worldwide adoption. Open source, old school, no pre-mine, community driven cryptocurrency featuring next generation encryption SHA-3/Keccak with Schnorr Signatures.

Maxcoin pro-actively aligns itself to the core principles of interdependence and decentralisation. Whilst combining the strengths of individuals through positive teamwork, we are creating a true eco-system of human interaction and collaboration. Maxcoin is here for all.

By matching Maxcoin’s core values and principles to those of the communities, we have created a growing, nurturing and sustainable environment for every cryptocurrency user, speculator and contributor. Just as Community contribution of time, resources and culture are invaluable to any startup industry, organisation or society, these contributions play a much greater role at Maxcoin as there is no central bank/funding system to reward the contributors. The motivation for contribution in an open source project should not be purely for financial reasons, but of giving back to the community. We invite you to take action, contribute and not wait to be invited.

No ICO, Premine, Donations, Fund Raising, Bounties, Airdrops.

Why organic growth?
We believe that when a cryptocurrency is allowed to grow organically thru effective management and planning and via developers instead of marketers & financers it can remain loyal to the core mission.

The success of maxcoin will be thru skilful execution and integration, and not via a quick money grab or funding scheme. Although, the advantages of inorganic growth can be immediate in the cryptocurrency world, we must not forget that that is the world we are escaping.  

Why NOT in-organic growth?
Firstly, maxcoin has no funds to support in-organic growth, just humans with a desire to contribute to the network.

Secondly, the world of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and market share, things that are prevalent in the ICO/token industrial complex should not be a keystone of a cryptocurrency. It is accelerated growth based on a promise to the community, ultimately falling short of expectations, a house of cards. 

Maxcoin Meetup 2019 Presentations:

Maxcoin Security & Features

The Maxcoin network is a robust & secure cryptocurrency with 3 main differentials to Bitcoin.
Keccak, Schnorr & Kimoto Gravity Well.

Keccak SHA-3 algorithm for Proof of Work.

Maxcoins transaction security has been upgraded with next-generation, Keccak SHA-3 algorithm for Proof of Work.  Whilst SHA-2 was designed and developed closed-door by the NSA, Keccak was subject to an open competition with design and peer preview (NIST). 
Keccak was also chosen as the official successor for SHA-256 after being a finalist and finally winning a 5 year long international competition run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and as such choosen as the successor to SHA-256.
Special Note: Keccak is also much greener than SHA-256 and many other hashing functions, reducing cryptocurrencies ecological footprint. 

Schnorr Signing Algorithm.

Maxcoin addresses use Schnorr for signing algorithm allowing exciting developments such as “native multisig” to be used, and an upgraded cryptographic field for key generation and an increase in performance. Maxcoin uses Secp256r1 as it’s cryptographic field to generate key pairs for addresses: A carefully-designed elliptical curve from which points are selected and used to initialise the public and private keys.  The use of the Secp256k1 field is specifically recommended by NIST, an organisation that sets the standards for US government cryptography.

Kimoto Gravity Well

Difficulty Re-Targeting –Wikipedia Link

Maxcoin Features / Max Speed, Security & Integrity

  • Algorithm: Keccak (SHA-3) PoW
  • Signatures: Schnorr
  • Generation: 100 million MAX
  • Coins Mined: 62 Million +
  • Block time: 1 minute
  • Block Rewards: 8 coins per block
  • Halving every ~4 years
  • Last Halving: July 16 2017
  • Transaction Fees: Close to Zero
  • Difficulty Retarget: Every block KGW
  • NO ICO, NO Premine or Airdrops
  • NO Donations, Fundraising or Bounties
  • We do NOT want your money

SHA3 / Keccak

Proof of Work

  • Winner of 5 year long NIST competition
  • Next-generation encryption
  • Official Successor to SHA-256
  • Not developed closed doors by NSA
  • Open Peer Reviewed & Designed
  • Not length-extension attacks vulnerable
  • Thicker safety margin than SHA-2
  • Greener than SHA-256


Digital Signatures

  • Includes “Native Multisig”
  • A future feature for Bitcoin
  • Uses Secp256r1 (NIST recommended)
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Scalability
  • Anti-Spam Attacks
  • interactive Signature Aggregation

Maxcoin Wallets

Please select and download the right wallet for your operating system below.

Windows QT Wallet

Mac QT Wallet

Linux QT Wallet

Other Wallets

Wallet Source Code


Wallets Coming Soon

Android Wallet - Coming Soon

iOS Wallet - Coming Soon *

  • * If you can’t wait for Apple Appstore approval of the maxcoin iOS wallet, feel free todownloadand build the wallet on your mac and load onto your iPhone.


Special Note Regarding Wallet Sync Time:

It can take upto 7 days or longer for the Maxcoin QT wallet to sync due to 4 years of blockchain transactions.  The light desktop wallet & smart phone wallets in development will allow for full sync within minutes. If you would like to install the full node with rapid syncing, we recommend that you use one of the following methods.

Syncing with Bootstrap

Bootstrap file download
Instructions: Download file, Close wallet, keep name  “bootstrap.dat” and move file to proper location. Restart wallet.

  • Windows %appdata%/Maxcoin
  • Linux ~/.maxcoin
  • Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Maxcoin/

Syncing with Torrent

Torrent File Download ( Must have Torrent Software Installed for Download to Begin)
Instructions in the readme.txt file.

Maxcoin Exchanges

Buy & Sell

As a community, we believe that when a cryptocurrency is allowed to grow organically thru effective management, planning and development rather than via marketers & financial means, it can stay true to it’s decentralised principles and values. Therefore, Maxcoin does not pay for listings on exchanges and all the following listings are provided for free. 

Why List Maxcoin

  • Open Source
  • Community Driven
  • Open & Transparent
  • Zero Premine
  • Growing Team
  • Growing Community
  • Active Roadmap
  • Unique Coin Attributes

LIVE Exchanges


Due To Yobit Issues Deposits and Withdrawals are currently Disabled

Visit Exchange

Vendit Exchange


Bisq - DEX

Price Charts

Maxcoin ATMs

Maxcoin Merchants

If you would like to start accepting Maxcoin on your website, please install one of the plugins listed on the right.

With fast and secure transactions and close to 0 transaction fees benefiting both merchants and users, Maxcoin is poised for a unique position in the cryptocurrency space.  

We are now integrating with existing open source projects and 3rd party providers of payment and merchant services, to create accessible and reliable forms of payments to merchants and users alike. 

Merchants Accepting Maxcoin



Maxcoin Project Foundation Meetup

February 2019

Smart Contracts

March-April 2019

iOS, Android and Light Desktop Wallet

March-April 2019

Hardware & DEX Wallet Integration

June-July 2019

Mining Renewable Energy Initiative

August 2019
February 2019

Maxcoin Project Foundation Meetup

A non-profit society/foundation built on the principles & values of Maxcoin.

Such a foundation will enable us to list the newly developed iOS and Android apps onto their relevant app stores. Any decisions taken by members will be audited and governed by the Maxcoin blockchain, as all ventures will require a vote via a smart contract.

This foundation will also match our communities vision of education and inclusion, as we will use the foundation to promote courseware and blockchain educational material free of charge.

March-April 2019

Smart Contracts

We have the ability to implement Smart Contracts onto our blockchain using Schnorr Signatures.

First Use Case:

We are in the draft process of a Governance Voting System for the Foundation & Community.
With smart contracts, we aim for everyone to have their fair say in the management and direction of Maxcoin. Total Transparency and community support. All decisions relating to Maxcoin will be visible on its blockchain.

Second Use Case:


March-April 2019

iOS, Android and Light Desktop Wallet

Why we forked Breadwallet?

Breadwallet is arguably the best iOS and Android Cryptocurrency Wallet around

Current Status:

  • iOS app has been submitted for approval by Apple.
    There is a requirement for a cryptocurrency to be approved in the appstore.
  • Android App in progress 


Desktop wallets are currently 4 years old and require some improvements to increase sync times for a fresh install. We have forked from Bitcoin at the most appropriate development time for us to rebase our wallet onto a newer version.

Why we forked Bitpay/Bitcore?

Bitcore (  is a powerful, modular node for bitcoin and blockchain-based apps.
We plan to provide the same powerful tools to Maxcoin Developers as Bitcore does for Bitcoin Developers.

June-July 2019

Hardware & DEX Wallet Integration

We will be completing the code commits required to integrate into the following hardware & DEX wallets;



  • Block DX
  • DX Exchange
  • Komodo Platform
August 2019

Mining Renewable Energy Initiative

Maxcoin Mining / Renewable Energy Initiative

We want to explore the possibility of a green 100% sustainable blockchain.
We have successfully mined Maxcoin using an FPGA miner connected directly to a solar panel.

We plan to continue our work in this area and with the community to find new and interesting ways to mine Maxcoin in a sustainable way. With this approach we aim to unleash the full potential of a limited supply, decentralised, sustainable, quantum resistant digital currency.


Max Keiser

Stacy Herbert

Mario Juarez

Oliver Morris

Johnathon Ozanne

Arash Badri

Simon Morris

Bruce Rout

Malcolm Stevens

Carlos Lozano Boluda

Graeme Hosie

Luca Impala

Team Members

Maxcoin Contributors

  • Do NOT get paid
  • Do NOT ask for donations
  • Do NOT raise funds
  • Do NOT pay for listings
  • Contribute Time & Resouces
  • Promote Maxcoin

A Brief History of Maxcoin

by David Serrano.

Please Note: The following is my opinion, and my opinion only. For most of maxcoin’s history, I was just a passive observer and the following is simply my perception. 

Maxcoin Launch: 2014

Luke & Jordan create and launch Maxcoin. A new alt-coin with fantastic features such as Keccak, Schnorr & KGW.  It was widely promoted, and created quite a buzz after the “Live” launch on the Keiser Report.  As you could imagine, the price quickly shot up, but corrected just as hard (picture right), leaving many speculators and investors high and dry.  With no pre-mine or funds to dig into development, a crowd funding effort was made but unfortunately, after a few unsuccessful attempts, the developers were also left high and dry. Maxcoin was a burning mess of burnt speculators, no funds for future development and a dwindling developers team. Maxcoin as a cryptocurrency may have been ahead of its time with Keccak, Schnorr and KGW, but it was not prepared or backed up for success.

Maxcoin Reboot: July 2017

In July 2017 – in the darkest days of the MaxCoin project – no admin, no website, broken miners and wallet, missing explorers, I decided to to become an active member. The site/brand/culture would take a few months to organise, so as a temporary measure, I setup a pop-up site and begin putting out the fires. First and foremost, to resolve the broken wallet and miners, with other developers and to start bringing back on board the real economy of maxcoin miners and developers.

Maxcoin Project: October 2017

New Maxcoin Project Website launch:  Maxcoin’s brand & culture is it’s community & history. No ICO, No Advertising, No Donations, No Fund Raising, No airdrops, No Money…. Perfect. We are a very active and growing community of miners and developers and old time maxcoiners who have come together to fix nodes, pools, servers, branding, wallet updates, bootstraps, all the things a cryptocurrency needs.  We are establishing a new type of brand/culture in the cryptocurrency community.  A hedge against all the rest.

Block Explorers

Maxcoin Block Explorer

Maxcoin Block Explorer (Backup)

Is Maxcoin Quantum Resistant?

Proof for the SHA3 claim that 256 bit security is “post-quantum sufficient”?


What security do Cryptographic Sponges offer against generic quantum attacks?


Quantum attack’s could be the end of crypto.


Why aren't we (not maxcoin, but in general) using SHA-3?


Estimating the cost of generic quantum pre-image attacks on SHA-2 and SHA-3



If you would like to recommend any maxcoin articles, videos, podcast, or would like to arrange an interview with the team, please reach out to us on telegram


If you would like to recommend any maxcoin articles, videos, podcast, or would like to arrange an interview with the team, please reach out to us on telegram

Anticipating and Building the Future. SHA3


“Maxcoin offers something different, as a unique cryptocurrency that offers a wide pallet of advanced features and security protocols, it came before the massive boom of private run ICOs..”

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Solar SHA3 – Mining Maxcoin with the Sun


Solar Mining Experiment shows Maxcoin to be Secure & Green, building blockchain sustainability

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An audience with Max Keiser: ‘Putin is my puppet’


Controversial TV host on why he thinks central banks are on the verge of collapse, markets are rigged and the BBC is not impartial.

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Join the Maxcoin Revolution


“NSA created SHA256 is dead, the Decentralized Future is SHA3

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Max Keiser: I wouldn't be surprised if George Soros attempts to ‘corner’ bitcoin market.


“One of the reasons I got back into MaxCoin, aside from the new development team that is excellent, is to give users an alternative to some of the altcoins and ICOs out there that are complete, utter, wastes-of-time.”

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Charlie bit me


“MAXCOIN uses the SHA-3 which is better, so MAXCOIN is better.” — Keiser perks up, “MAXCOIN is better? How so?”

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MaxCoin has integrated next-gen algorithms, including Keccak SHA-3, since its inception


MaxCoin Remains Focused on the Integrity of Its Technology to Create the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency

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If you would like to recommend any maxcoin articles, videos, podcast, or would like to arrange an interview with the team, please reach out to us on telegram

Double Down: Great Advances in Technology: From Silly Putty to Bitcoin


Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to 15-year-old Python developer and Maxcoin blockchain engineer, Oliver Morris

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Decentralized Talk: Episode 23: Maxed Out - Special Interview with the MaxCoin developers


An interviewing with the development team behind MaxCoin.

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Why become a maxcoin developer?

Join the amazing community

Joining Maxcoin is an extremely enjoyable, greatly rewarding and inspiring experience. Come meet interesting people and learn new real world skills whilst you play and develop your ideas.

Structure with Integrety

Maxcoin has No Premine, No ICO, No fundraising mechanisms, No central funding system, no CEOs, no paid staff or administration, no dev or founder rewards, we are a purely 100% community driven cryptocurrency supported by Volunteers.

Who can Join?

We are looking for a complete range of skill sets and very welcoming to new ideas and involvment, but some of the programming skills we are looking for are c, c++ and javascript. Blockchain and git experience is highly desirable.

Incentive (Risk/Reward):

By definition, a fair launch does NOT reward the developers. The devs are rewarded for taking risks, and risks are an element of business, investment and innovation, and the risk/reward relationship in crypto-currencies even more. The incentives for devs to work on a fair launch cryptocurrency have to be beyond just financial. A fair and open launch doesn’t incentivise those who seek profit, power or fame. It needs to be special.

Not a developer?

You don’t even have to be a developer to contribute and make a difference, spread the word via twitter, telegram, reddit and facebook, or make some videos, guides, reviews or forum posts. Let the world know about Maxcoin and our mission.Make a difference to yourself, your team and your community.

How to Join

Building on Maxcoin is free & permission-less for all network users. We encourage developers and community members to experiment & build their commercial or academic projects on Maxcoin.

If you would like to join, come speak to the admins in our telegram group.

Maxcoin QT Wallet:

Phone Wallets:

Misc Wallets:


Maxcoin Core:

Hardware Wallet Repos:

API & Scripts:



Guides & Examples

Maxcoiner Selfies

If you would like to show your support with a Maxcoin Selfie, just come into our telegramchat and post a photo with you and a maxcoin message :-). 

Trading is a high risk activity, consult your financial advisor regarding cryptocurrency. We are NOT financial advisors, and Maxcoin Project does not give trading advice. Trading/Cryptocurrencies are high risk and not suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed investment. Some 3rd party referral links are listed, any revenues are contributed straight back into the maxcoin project network. Maxcoin Project ( does NOT and can NOT take ANY responsibility for third party providers, listed exchanges, wallets, sites etc. By using software, 3rd party providers, exchanges or other service sites, you are accepting your own responsibility for any losses or damages. Cryptocurrencies are inherently extremely risky and investors and users must remain vigilant or services, products or general advice. The key to cryptocurrency is personal responsibility.